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The Martinair Flight Academy, MFA, is based at Lelystad Airport.

The Martinair Flight Academy originated 40 years ago and is part of the AIR FRANCE / KLM Group. The academy is the oldest in the Netherlands that runs all practical flight and theorethical instruction from a Dutch airport, Lelystad.

This intensive integrated training course takes about 24 months and starts 3 times a year (max 12 students). For the theory  a Computer Based Training system is used. The theory and practical flying will be interchangeable.

Monthly there is an orientation day at the flight academy.

Working at MFA? We are looking for a:

Safety and compliance manager

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Socata TB-10 Tobago

Martinair Flight Academy has  four TB10 Tobago GT’s. These fully equipped four-seaters have a spacious cabin that provides excellent ergonomics and comfort. As a basic trainer for students and instructors it’s a pleasure to fly!

Socata TB-20 Trinidad

The TB20 GT Trinidad,  IFR equipped, includes autopilot/flight director, GPS and not to forget, like the TB10, the spacious cockpit. 

Diamond DA42NG

The DA42NG is the twin engine, ‘glass cockpit’ training aircraft used for the final actual flight training part of the ATPL program or the MEP program.

Simulator Alsim 200 MCC

Synthetic flight training is part of the flying training. For this training the FNPTII simulator is used.