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The modular training for commercial pilots delivers you the Commercial Pilot Licence. As holder of this license you may operate in the commercial general aviation and you also may participate in an instructor training.

The difference between ATPL and CPL in brief:

CPL – Captain in General Aviation

CPL – First Officer (co-pilot) in an airline

ATPL – First Officer (co-pilot) in an airline / Captain when 1500 hours of experience

The modular courses offer the opportunity to get licenses and endorsements (ratings) in parts. The theory only will be given in classrooms, but nowadays  distance learning via the Internet is also available. The training is divided into modules which are classified in accordance with the candidate and the school. So this training can be combined with other activities of a candidate.

The contents of the modules are fixed, but the duration of the training depends on the frequency of flight lessons. You have freedom when going through the modules, but you must take into account that there are restrictions based on the validity of obtained intermediate exams required for the license.


  • To participate in the CPL course you must hold a PPL and have at least 150 hours of flight experience.
  • The course itself includes 200 hours of theory (this theory is the same as for the ATPL course). The practical part consists of at least 25 flight hours dual instruction. If you already own a PPL with IR just 15 flight hours dual instruction is sufficient.
  • Before issuing the license an experience of at least 200 flight hours is required of which at least 100 hours as PIC (Pilot In Command). A CPL can be extended with
    various qualifications (ratings). A MCC course can be added to the CPL.