Martinair Flight Academy (MFA), also known as Martinair Vliegschool, is situated at Lelystad Airport and is specialized in training and educating traffic pilots and sports pilots. MFA is part of the KLM Group. MFA is a small organization with its own ATO, with passion and eye for quality.

We are hiring a;

Safety and compliance manager
ato and fstd (0,6 – 0,8 FTE)

Context of position
The Safety and Compliance Manager is required by the statutory regulations for the ATO and FSTD certificates. He is independent from the applicable responsible persons and solely responsible to the EASA Air-Crew accountable manager. He reports to the Accountable Manager of Martinair Flight Academy and is a member of the SRB.

Defined authorities, duties and responsabilities

  • Advice directly the accountable manager as well as all (deputy) responsible persons on safety and compliance matters for operational safety, security, environment and occupational health and safety;
  • Is responsible for the development, administration and maintenance of the integrated safety management system.
  • Conduct an audit any time that he considers necessary;
  • Is responsible for implementing, maintaining, reviewing and improvement of the compliance monitoring program.
  • Provide periodic reports on safety performance;
  • Liaise with aviation safety authorities and is responsible for the application or amendment of the relevant certificates or alternative means of compliance in a manner established by the competent authority ;
  • Facilitate hazard identification, risk analysis and management;
  • Manage and monitor operational safety risks and threats;
  • Ensure initiation and follow-up on internal occurrences and/or accident investigations;
  • Monitor regulatory developments and inform operations management accordingly;
  • Ensure that safety management training is available that meets the acceptable standards;
  • When delegating duties, ensure that individuals are qualified and competent to conduct the duties assigned to them; and
  • Supervise the Prevention Employee and Environment Coordinator


  • Knowledge of the regulatory system;
  • Knowledge of the organization structure of Martinair Flight Academy;
  • Knowledge of the applicable statutory standards;
  • Knowledge of aviation safety hazards and risks;
  • Knowledge of the applicable Martinair Flight Academy instructions and procedures


  • Bachelor degree or equivalent level;
  • Basic auditor course;
  • Quality management or SMS course;
  • Initial Martinair awareness training as required by the iSMM training policy.


  • Impact and influence / persuading others;
  • Verbal and written communication skills;
  • Analysis / conceptual thinking;
  • Judgement;
  • Integrity
  • Decisiveness.

For further information please contact John Hayward, accountable Manager MFA.
If you are interested in the position please send your resume and motivation letter to